....Company Information

What began as a childhood interest, has quickly grown into a thriving small-town business located in Michigan's beautiful Central Upper Peninsula. The Flat Rock Candle Company prides itself on creating quality, hand-crafted candles while also offering our valued customers a variety of scents available in-
               Unique Wood-top Candle Jars
               Candle Tins
               Votive Candles
               Frosted-box Tealight Sets (scented & unscented)
               Tealight Gift Tubes
               Wedding Candles
               Scented Jewel Melts / Simmers 
               Home of "The Original" Upper Peninsula Candle Collection

Our growing reputation continues to speak for itself through your continued customer satisfaction.  Community support, along with our small-business atmosphere allows us to individualize our customer services to include:
Fundraisers for clubs, schools, and organizations,
Wedding Candles, and
Specialized Candle Molds for recognition dinners or special events.

....Our Committed Team of Artisans

Without the support of friends, family, community, and customers like you, our company would not be where it is today.  Saying "Thank you" doesn't seem enough when considering the hard-working team of people that volunteer their time and expertise to the company.  

....Our Commitment To Our Customers

The Flat Rock Candle Company is committed to creating quality, "scent-sational" candle products.  All of our products are hand-poured and  slow-cured in small batches-ensuring higher scent retention for the life of our candles.  Each candle is made from wax that is specially blended and contains only the highest quality fragrance oils that are free from animal testing.  Our wicks are lead-free and are supported by stabilizing threads ensuring a straighter burn.  Best of all, they're virtually self-trimming; helping to reduce smoke and soot build-up found on most commercially made candles. 

From everyone here at the Flat Rock Candle Company, thank you for your comments and continued support.  We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at our next vendor event!

                                       Jenner Levely, Owner

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