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   A U.P. CHRISTMAS:  O’ Tannenbaum! O’ Tannenbaum! Enjoy the soft fragrance of fresh balsam pine with just the hint of sweetness added in. Local photo highlights
 one of our beautiful Central Upper Peninsula recreational areas.

CEDAR SAUNA:  Step into a relaxing sauna and you've just experienced our soothing yet highly scented Cedar Sauna candle.  Already one of our most sought-after scents,
 we’re sure you’ll add it to your “favorites” list with its natural aroma of fresh Cedar Wood.


A romantic blend of Fruits and Florals, with the light and airy scent of Sea Breeze; our U.P. Sunrise candle boasts a no-nonsense clean scent and recognizes spectacular Upper Peninsula sunrises!
   U.P. WOODLANDS:  Goin’ to Camp” means rest, relaxation, and cuttin’ wood!  Our U.P. Woodlands candle captures the natural scents of pine, cedar, and just the hint
 of wood smoke.  These perfectly blended scents will draw you out of the woods and towards the comfort of a warm wood fire. 
    U.P. WATERS:  Dedicated to celebrating the Great Lakes and our U.P. way of life.  Our custom-blended U.P. Waters scent hints of soft lake foliage & offers a fresh clean 
 scent.  Great Lakes Blue in color, our U.P. Waters scent is perfect for gift-giving or self-indulgence!

*(Scent available August-February only)

   APPLE CINNAMON:  A must have!  This unique blend of apple and spicy cinnamon will keep you coming back for more!  


   CINNABUN:  Oven-warm sticky buns, dripping with sweet frosting and sprinkled in fragrant cinnamon sugar describes our favorite CinnaBun candle-almost
 good enough to eat!   

   CLEAN COTTON:  Welcome Spring and warmer days to come with our Clean Cotton candle.  Capturing the Downy fresh scent of warm dryer linens; this soft, unique
 blend is a perfect reminder that lazy Summer days are right around the corner!  Favorite rooms to scent:  bath, bedrooms, and at the office.

   COUNTRY BERRY HOTCAKES:  Treat yourself to a country favorite with the rich scent of buttery hotcakes, warm maple syrup, and layers of wild raspberries and sweet 
 blueberries.  Our Country Berry Hotcakes candle is like no other and is a best-seller among many country stores.  

  *CRANBERRY SPICE One of our holiday best sellers!  A mix of our favorite Cranberry scent and all the holiday spice we could muster.

   CUCUMBER MELON:   The juicy scent of watermelon combined with the crisp scent of cucumber makes our Cucumber Melon a garden lover’s must have! Perfect for the
 kitchen or bath.

  *WARM APPLE PIE:  Tangy orchard Baked Apples, spices of Ginger, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Clove make our Warm Apple Pie almost as good as Mom’s secret recipe!  
 (Only Grandma could do better!)

   FRESH BREWED COFFEE:  For all you Java-lovers out there!  Our Fresh Brewed Coffee will perk you up with the rich, warm aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and 
 the earthy hint of nutty hazelnut.

We've blended just the right amount of pure Southern charm and fragrant breezes into our sweet Gardenia candle; sure to intoxicate the senses without
 leaving heavy overtones. 



   HAWAIIAN PARADISE:  You asked for more Sun, Sand, and Palm Trees so we've stepped up the tropical blend of our Hawaiian Paradise candle with more
 nutty Coconut, sweet Pineapple, tangy Orange, and yummy Mango.  Guaranteed to send your senses packing for warmer climates!
Rich, Smooth, and Creamy describes our decadent chocolate Hot Fudge Brownies candle.  This scent is so realistic, it'll satisfy your craving for 
 Chocolate without any of the guilt!

   LAVENDER:  Unwind and enjoy the soothing effects from our perfectly scented Lavender candle.

   LILAC:  Adorn your home with the fragrant bouquet of Spring Lilacs.  Many satisfied customers have made our Lilac candle their year-round favorite and
 one of our Best Sellers!

   LIME CILANTRO:  Tangy top notes of light lime and the herb garden rich aroma of Mediterranean Cilantro rounds out our earthy Lime Cilantro candle.  Custom
blended especially to fight off the winter blues for all you “green thumb” gardeners.

   LILY OF THE VALLEY:  Customer rated as a #1 Floral Favorite!  Our Lily of the Valley candle hints of Spring with just the right amount of floral mixed in; truly making it
 a scent from childhood memorie


   *MULLED CIDER Just like Mom used to make! Our spicy Mulled Cider candle mixes tangy mulling spices with the scent of fresh-picked apples.  Perfect for a
 cool, crisp day. 

   NEWBORN LOVE:   Baby powder fresh describes the novelty of our Newborn Love candle.  Perfect for the bed or bath with its pastel yellow color and even better as a gift 
 for mothers young and old.


   ORCHARD APPLE:  Bite into a mouth-watering Macintosh and you've just experienced our Orchard Apple candle; our crisp, juicy scent of apple bursts of flavor without
 added frills or spices.

   *ORANGE & CLOVE Our strongest scent yet!  Clove with just the hint of tangy Orange mixed in.  Buyers Beware!  We make this candle extra “clovey” on purpose.
 Great in the kitchen.

   ORANGE & VANILLA:  The same sweet, refreshing taste of an Orange Dreamsicle on a hot, Summer's day.  Simply Irresistible!  Made for the young-at-heart and almost
 good enough to eat!


   *POMEGRANATE This scent is all the rage!  Mouth-watering sweet is how we describe our Pomegranate candle.  Try it! We’re sure you’ll add it to
 your Winter “must have” list.

   *PUMPKIN SPICE Just in time for the Harvest!  Our Pumpkin Spice candle blends field-grown pumpkin, hand-ground nutmeg, and many of our favorite
 Fall comfort spices.


   SPRING RAIN:  Made with a misty, morning rain in mind and with a light, floral undertone; our Spring Rain candle is best known for its airy, clean aroma. Perfect for 
 the kitchen or bath!

   SUN RIPE RASPBERRY:  Delight in our Sun Ripe Raspberry candle; a mouth-watering blend of tart and juicy raspberry straight from a summer's sun-kissed berry patch.


   VANILLA SPICE:  Our Vanilla Spice candle is colored naturally using true vanilla bean coloring and blends the soothing scent of classic vanilla with the baking spices of a
 warm, country kitchen.

   WINE CELLAR: (NOW DISCONTINUED) Our original best seller!  The distinct flavor of oak-aged grapes and fine burgundy wine defines our robust, one-of-a-kind Wine Cellar candle.  Sure to leave you weak in the knees and craving more!


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