For centuries, candles have been used to pacify, to entice,
and to evoke our moods and emotions. 
Simply...the joining of wax, wick and flame touches our soul.

Home to the original Upper Peninsula Candle Collection, the
bringing you quality Michigan-made candles since 2002, invites you to celebrate the joining of wax, wick, and flame
by experi
encing our quality, hand-poured candles.

Each candle is hand-crafted in Michigan's beautiful
Central Upper Peninsula. Using only the finest fragrance oils and lead-free wicking,
FLAT ROCK CANDLES are 'made-to-order' in small batches and slow-cured for maximum
fragrance retention.








We take pride in being able to offer our loyal customers custom-blended scents, exclusive design options, and a wide variety of candle styles to choose from.

16 oz. Candle Jars w/Rustic Metal Lids, 
Square Mason Jars w/Black Metal Screw-on Lids,
4 and 8 oz. Deep Metal Candle Tins,
15 hour Votive Candles,
Clear-cup Tealight Candles,
One-of-a-kind Custom Tealight Tubes,
 Jewel Melt Simmer Candles,
and Custom Fundraiser, Wedding & Reception Candles.

Why settle for commercial candles when you can enjoy the craftsmanship of locally hand-crafted products?

 Contact the FLAT ROCK CANDLE CO. today!

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